Book One

Chapter One. A changeling wanders out of the wilderness and into a library. A deal is struck.

First appearances: Emelind, Finn, Mirror Girl

Chapter Two. Emelind and Finn travel to a fairy hill, which turns out to have an eerily knowledgeable inhabitant.

First appearances: Frost, Beejack

Chapter Three. The trip back to the library goes off the rails and detours into a forest.

First appearances: Darcy

Chapter Four. Emelind and Finn return to a sad discovery, and the casting of a spell of unending winter.

Chapter Five. The quest to end the strange winter turns up two old acquaintances and some new magic.

Chapter Six. Separated from her companions, Emelind has to rejoin them before Frost’s sinister plans can come to fruition.

First appearances: Nora

Book Two

Chapter Seven. Emelind returns home with an injured Finn in tow, only to find that home is not quite as remembered.

First appearances: Celia

Chapter Eight. While Finn recovers, Emelind goes in search of clues to her family’s whereabouts.

Chapter Nine. The search continues, with a pause for reminiscences and a snowball fight.

Chapter Ten. Emelind slips through a portal to Nora’s world and finds the library under attack. Meanwhile, Beejack’s attempt at bargaining with Celia turns sour.

First appearances: Alex

Chapter Eleven. Emelind makes an agreement with Nora, and discovers the truth behind her name.

Chapter Twelve. Following a tip from Beejack, Finn, Celia and Alex make a trip to a dangerous neck of the woods.

First appearances: Winifred

Book Three

Chapter Thirteen. The morning reveals that whatever or whomever they disturbed in the woods may have followed them out.

Chapter Fourteen. The city begins to fall prey to some unnatural disasters. Back in her library, Nora carries out some magic in the style of Sleeping Beauty.

Chapter Fifteen. Emelind, Finn, Celia and Alex are rescued (kidnapped?) by fairies. Darcy makes the acquaintance of the girl in the mirror.

First appearances: Juniper, Meran, Vale, Del

Chapter Sixteen. The woodfolk attempt to convince Emelind to return Finn to his home, claiming that their world is under threat due to his presence.

Chapter Seventeen. While the danger to both worlds grows, Beejack asks for help to save Frost from himself.

Chapter Eighteen. The worms are defeated, Frost is captured… the day is saved. (Isn’t it?)

Book Four

Chapter Nineteen. In the aftermath, repairs are attempted. Emelind returns her name to its rightful owner.

Chapter Twenty. Signs show that the crisis was not averted – merely stalled. The changeling learns that she may have to sacrifice one world to save another. The newly-named Emelind tries to find out how to escape the library.